Yashpal Singh Kalsi

Yashpal Singh Kalsi - Martial Art and Self Defense Expert

Yashpal Singh Kalsi was born in 1978 and started learning Karate at the age of 8. Later in 1990, he joined a professional Karate training school run by the ccomplished Sensei A. B. George, and received his black belt six years later, in 1996.

Yashpal has been a regular medalist at State, National and International Karate Championships. To this day he participates in competitions, most recently winning the US Open International Karate Championship in 2018.

In 1999, Yashpal was promoted to 2nd Dan, and received his 3rd Dan Four years later, in 2003 under Dai Sensei Moses Thilak.

From 2007 till today, Yashpal Singh has represented Sanshinkan International in India, a global martial arts organisation headed by the highly respected Soke Tamas Weber with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Yashpal never gave up because of his hereditary eye problem and continued to train karate. Today, he teaches students from India, Greece, The U.S.A, Chile, Malaysia, South Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, The U.K., and many other places. A number of his students continue to represent India in national tournaments and official world championships.

He has also trained India's elite force - the Black Cat Commandos, and continuously works with the Haryana Police. In 2017, Yashpal earned his Black Belt 7th Dan, one of the highest distinctions in the martial arts world.

Key Highlights:

  • Director: Sanshinkan Martial Arts
  • Black Belt 7th Dan, Sanshinkan Sweden
  • Black Belt 6th Dan World Karate Federation
  • Certified Coach: World Karate Federation
  • U. S. Open Gold Medalist 2016
  • Certified MMA Referee and Judge
  • National Team’s Coach- Karate
  • National Team’s Coach- Grappling





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