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Sanshinkan has been imparting corporate self defence training in India from last 10 years. However, today the corporates realize the need for such training and we engage with organisations of all size to empower their employees to stay safe in most situations with the correct knowledge and practice.


Crime rates have been on a rise and most of the victims are inter-city commuters (Gurgaon to Delhi/Noida). Also, incidences of road rage have increased a lot in recent times. A stressful lifestyle and lack of time have fuelled this situation. We have seen in most of these cases, a little bit of prior martial arts experience and strength of mind can go a long way in helping them escape or avert a hostile situation. Also, in most of these incidences, a calm mind can work wonders in averting a confrontation altogether. Besides the obvious benefit of making a person good at self defence, martial arts influences a lot of behavioural traits in a person which help them have a strong and alert mind. We teach meditation as a part of our training because we believe that martial arts are the art of training your whole being – your body, mind and soul. This makes a person more confident, focused and positive thereby improving their personal and professional life. Another advantage of such training is that in many situations a hostile situation in a company is averted due to trained manpower that saves a lot of damage to property.

The profile of companies that go for such training is not limited to any particular sector since health and fitness and basic self defence is needed for employees of any company today. However, these pieces of training are especially important for companies that have night shifts (for the safety of employees commuting at night), for hospitals (to avert incidences of mob attack etc.) and for companies that have employees having a very sedentary lifestyle.

What we offer

Every company has a different work culture and training needs. While some companies focus on the self defense needs of their women employees, others focus on the fitness of all their employees. Still, others undergo martial arts training to improve the productivity of the employees by helping them build focus and discipline through martial arts. So, one program does not fit all companies. Hence, we provide customized solutions for companies according to their specific needs. We have conducted detailed studies on incidents of crime happening in the city, the type of victims and the place of attacks. Studies like these help us to create solutions that benefit the corporate according to their specific requirements

Part of the Induction training

Some corporates go for self defence training as a part of the induction program of their new batch of employees while others undergo these training more often. While the number of companies opting to go for these training has increased drastically over the previous years, there is still a need for widespread awareness of the benefits of such a program. The problem is many corporates still have to realize that besides the obvious benefits of such training programs, they also directly affect the productivity of their employees while also increasing the employee satisfaction thereby reducing attrition. These also bring about a sense of belongingness to the company in the employee.

While in the past most of the training was directed towards women employees (self defence programs), now corporates have increasingly started to go for these training for all employees realizing the fitness and health needs of the employees as well. Some corporates have even made this a mandatory part of their new employee induction process which is a very welcome sign.

How do the employees respond to training sessions?

Attending a self defence training sessions is always exciting. Most of the people have at some point of life or others been in a hostile situation. These people take trainings very seriously. Some others learn a lot during these training and always have a sense of accomplishment at the end of every training session. The sense of security that comes along with attending such a training session improves their attitude towards life. The sense of insecurity of working at odd hours is just one of the things that go away. All in all, they are excited as well as thankful for being a part of such training sessions.

Some of the basic lifestyle traits that such a training program instils in an employee are self-confidence, focus, the strength of mind, responsibility, discipline etc. An employee trained thus is more productive at the workplace as well as better equipped to face life’s challenges without stress. This is a very important quality to have in the fast-paced and highly competitive world we live in today.

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