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We are India’s leading martial arts institute. Our students join us to take their fitness to the next level, learn self-defense or simply pursue their passion. We provide training in Karate, Kick-Boxing, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. A team of expert trainers teach at our institutes. Including international medalists, professional fighters and wellness experts. We teach both beginners and experts. Age or fitness levels are not a barrier. Our classes will help you transform – both physically and mentally. We help you discover the warrior in you.

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Sanshinkan - Excelsior American School, Sector-43, Gurgaon Sanshinkan - Sector-56, Gurgaon

Sanshinkan is one state of the art academy which provides martial arts training to learners under the guidance of trained coaches and guides. The MMA training centre is open for men, women, kids and even elderly. We offer martial arts training for fitness, competition, self-defence, personal mastery and confidence building. The training centre boasts of state of the art facilities, world-class equipment to train you in the most sought after real-life scenarios.


At Sanshinkan, the motto goes- ‘Be better than Yesterday’. We aim to teach and train the learners to the best of their abilities and capabilities so they excel in the task and meet out their goals of fitness, professional training or competition.

Sanshinkan offers training for the following martial art forms:

  • Karate: Karate training in Gurgaon at Sanshinkan is a blend of traditional karate and modern techniques which trains the mind and body to be in sync with each other so that the learner can unleash their true power as and when required in front of their opponents irrespective of their size and gender. Enrol for the best karate training in Delhi and learn from the best.
  • Boxing: Learn the techniques and skills of this combat sport which is celebrated in India and across the globe. NIS certified boxing coaches at Sanshinkan ensure you get hold of the correct footwork and punches.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: This beautiful art form is a great way of overcoming a bigger and stronger opponent. Sparring, balance displacement techniques, restraints and immobilizations, live drilling, joint manipulation and leverage techniques are taught with main focus on self-preservation.
  • Kickboxing: Kickboxing is one combat sport which requires sturdy coordination between your hand and foot movement. Sanshinkan is a one-stop for the kickboxing training in Gurgaon where you learn this art form from the best. Kickboxing training in Delhi not only teaches you about the correct way of kicking and punching but also is a great workout and self-defence form.
  • Mixed Martial Arts: There is no better place for getting MMA training in Gurgaon than Sanshinkan. Their team of certified trainers and coaches have years of experience in various martial art forms. Their expertise in the fields helps you ace the correct skills set which are an amalgamation of two or more martial arts. With MMA still being new to the country, there are very few training centres offering MMA training in Delhi under the best of guidance and among like-minded warriors.

Sanshinkan offers customised and tailored training for kids and women. We also undertake special programs for working women and corporations who work till wee hours. Self-defence classes are specifically designed keeping in mind the necessity of the same in today’s bad world.


At Sanshinkan, there are special classes designed to teach self-defence to the learners. Self-defence is the need of the hour and one can learn the basics of the martial art forms which can be used for defending self and family when need be. They teach the correct way of defending, fighting and using daily life weapons under real-life scenarios. Self-defence is not about initiating a fight. It is though perceived to be a fighting art, in reality, the main aim of learning self-defence is to protect self and family whenever any uncalled for situation strikes. It gives you immense confidence and you take on the world chin up. Karate, Boxing, BJJ are great martial art forms which teach the self-defence skills.


Sanshinkan offers special training to armed forces with key emphasis on imparting the fundamentals of martial arts to the soldiers. Apart from these, one also gets to learn the professional MMA fighting here under the guidance of an MMA coach and trainers excelling in different martial art forms. The athletes are trained physically and mentally with a specific focus on strength building, speed drills, flexibility and how to remain calm during the fight. Sanshinkan understands your needs and helps you with your goals without making any comparisons with other warriors. We aim to make you a better version of yourself and make you physically, mentally and emotionally fit and strong.




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