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Yashpal Singh Kalsi

Black Belt 7th Dan
Coaching Experience: 23 Years
Head Coach: Sanshinkan India

One of the most respected Martial Artist in India. Yashpal is the coach of National Karate and Grappling Team and Founding Member of All India Mixed Martial Arts Association. He believes in keeping the Bushido Spirit Alive.

Ranjit Sharma

Black Belt 6th Dan, 11th Khan Muay Thai
Coaching Experience: 29 Years
Head Coach: The Vedanta Academy, Kolkata

A Gold Medalist National Boxer, Ranjit has a deep interest in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and Karate. He represents Sanshinkan in Kolkata

Anamika Singh Kalsi

Black Belt 6th Dan
Coaching Experience: 18 Years
Head Coach: Sanshinkan, Sector 56, Gurgaon

Represented India in the World Karate Championship, a multiple times National Karate Champion, She has won a Gold in US Open Karate in 2018 for India. Anamika is passionate about imparting knowledge of Women Self Defence.

Sanjay Mehrol

Black Belt 5th Dan
Coaching Experience: 15 Years
Head Coach: Sanshinkan, Tilak Nagar

SGFI Delhi Team Coach since 2015, a Grappling Referee, A-Grade Judge under Karate Association of India and the Joint Secretary of Karate Association of Delhi. He is known for producing several State and National Champions.

Manish Kumar

Black Belt 5th Dan
Coaching Experience: 14 Years

A Karate National Champion. Manish is also a combat trainer with the Indian Army and believes in Tough Conditioning and Training.

Abhishek Bisht

Black Belt 5th Dan
Coaching Experience: 11 Years
Head Coach: MMA FitZone, Vikaspuri, Delhi

Commonwealth Karate Championship (Australia) Medalist and 5 Times National Champion. He’s also a UFC Certified MMA Coach and a Referee in International Grappling. He is known for producing MMA Champions.

Narender Singh

Black Belt 5th Dan
Coaching Experience: 23 Years
Head Coach: MAK Academy- Sanshinkan, Meerut

An A-Grade Karate Association of India Judge. He’s also the General Secretary of Meerut Karate Association. He is passionate about producing Sports Champions.

S Prabhu

Black Belt 5th Dan
Coaching Experience: 16 Years
Head Coach: Sanshinkan, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

A Medalist in Karate State and Nationals. Sensei Prabhu believes in having excellent Basics

Ashok Kumar

Black Belt 5th Dan
Coaching Experience: 11 Years
Head Coach: FearOut MMA, Janakpuri

Sensei Ashok has been awarded as a Valuable Coach of Sanshinkan in 2012 and 2014. He’s an MMA enthusiast.

Ajay Ahirwar

Black Belt 4th Dan
Coaching Experience: 15 Years
Head Coach: UFCA, Dwarka, Delhi

Sensei Ajay runs several classes and 3 training centres in Delhi NCR and has been awarded as a valuable coach of Sanshinkan.

Kulwinder Singh

Black Belt 4th Dan
Coaching Experience: 8 Years

Kulwinder is a Swedish Open Karate Gold Medalist and has trained extensively in India and Sweden. He believes in enjoying training and life.

Athar Ali

Black Belt 4th Dan
Coaching Experience: 10 Years
Head Coach: Government School, Sector-56 Gurgaon; Happy School, St. Columbus School, Delhi

A Medalist in State and Several Open Championships, he teaches at several schools. Athar loves training and is regular in tournaments and seminars.

Sandeep Panwar

Black Belt 3rd Dan- Karate & Black Belt- Judo
Coaching Experience: 11 Years
Head Coach: YIMA Academy, Sector-4, Gurgaon

A Gold Medalist in Judo National, he is the General Secretary of Blind Judo Association and also runs Private School Games Federation. he believes in training the hard and traditional way.

Sanjay Kumar Mahto

Black Belt 3rd Dan
Coaching Experience: 9 Years

Sanjay is Gold medalist in 2012 State Karate Championship and has been awarded as a valued Coach. He believes in tough conditioning

Anurag Kaushik

Black Belt 2nd Dan
Coaching Experience: 14 Years
Coach at: MMA FitZone, Vikaspuri, Delhi

A known National and State level player, Anurag met with a life-threatening accident that paralysed him, he still continues to train, teach and inspire the world.

Seth Rosario

Black Belt 2nd Dan, Black Belt 1st Dan- Kyokushin Karate
Coaching Experience: 4 Years
Coach at: Sanshinkan, Sector 56 and Sanshinkan, Galleria

A Pro-MMA Champion, Seth is also IBBJF Blue Belt and is a passionate practitioner and teacher. He believes in giving it 100% while training.

Shikher Gupta

Black Belt 2nd Dan, Certified in Science of Exercise, University of Colorado Boulder
Coaching Experience: 3 Years
Head Coach: Sanshinkan Palladians Warriors, Sector 47, Gurgaon and Bomiso, Gurgaon

National Level Medalist and Awarded as the Best Student of Sanshinkan. Shikher believes in being consistent and always giving 100%, he sets high standards for himself and his students.

Kanhaiya Kumar

Black Belt 2nd Dan
Coaching Experience: 8 Years
Head Coach: Sanshinkan, Uttam Nagar, Delhi

A National Gold Medalist and winner of Dubai Open Karate Championship, he also teaches combat techniques to Haryana Police. He is a Gymnast and Yoga enthusiast.

Chetan Sharma

Black Belt 2nd Dan
Coaching Experience: 6 Years
Head Coach: MPS Sanshinkan, Phool Kurd, Delhi

Chetan is a National Referee with Karate Association of India as well as a National Grappling Referee and has trained in MMA and BJJ. He believes in promoting Young Talent

Vikas Rawat

Black Belt 1st Dan, Reebok Fitness Trainer
Coaching Experience: 11 Years

Head Coach: Sanshinkan, Sukhdev Vihar, Delhi Delhi State and International Medalist, Vikas is a fitness enthusiast and believes in keeping a calm body and mind

Ram Krishna Haryana

Krav Maga & Self Defense Expert
Coaching Experience: 5 Years

Ram Krishna is a self-defence trainer with extensive training experience to multiple wings of Armed Forces, Police- SWAT Law Enforcement and Civil Society in various defences. He has trained in Krav Maga, Aikido, Gatka and Boxing.

Pankaj Kumar

Black Belt 1st Dan
Coaching Experience: 3 Years

Pankaj has been training in Karate for 16 years and is known for his tough conditioning.

Rahul Prakash Jethani

Sr. Brown Belt
Coaching Experience: Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach: Sanshinkan Sector-56, Gurgaon

Rahul trains in Karate, Kickboxing, BJJ and is also trained in Taekwondo. He is known for his hard work and never-give-up attitude.




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