Looking to learn boxing in Gurgaon or Delhi? Look no further than Sanshinkan Martial Arts! Boxing is one of the oldest and most popular combat sports, with a focus on powerful punches and agile footwork. As a Commonwealth and Olympic sport, boxing is celebrated not only in India, but around the world.

At Sanshinkan Martial Arts, we offer authentic boxing training under the guidance of Coach Pawan, a NIS certified boxing coach. Our students not only excel in boxing competitions, but have also proven themselves in the MMA arena. Boxing is not just a sport, but also a great way to stay fit and develop effective self-defense skills.

Learn authentic Boxing at Sanshinkan Martial Arts under Coach Pawan who is a NIS certified Boxing Coach. Our Boxing Students are doing well not only in Boxing sports competitions but also have proven themselves in the MMA arena. Beyond sport is keeps one fit and is a very effective mode of self-defence if the need arises.

Whether you're looking to compete in boxing or just want to learn a new skill, Sanshinkan Martial Arts is the perfect place to do so. Our experienced coaches will guide you through the fundamentals of boxing, including punches, footwork, and defense. With our focus on technique and discipline, you'll quickly see progress in your boxing abilities.

So why wait? Visit Sanshinkan Martial Arts today to learn authentic boxing in Gurgaon or Delhi. Start your journey towards improved fitness and self-defense skills today!




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