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Sanshinkan provides authentic close combat training to police, paramilitary forces and security services.

Martial arts training is essential in the army, police and Special Forces today. Every soldier who comes into official training receives instruction on the fundamentals of martial arts. To get a skilled and strong solider or a policeman, one needs to be trained at the higher levels of the martial art skill to overcome any kind of situation.

Martial arts training has now been accepted as a mandatory part of any law enforcement, military or security training around the world. The administration now understands the importance of training their troops' in an effective stream of martial arts which has no rules, no limitations, Just 100% practical and real life-based scenarios.

Soke Tamas Weber trains military forces across the world and is a decorated high military officer, with multiple accolades and awards. 

Yashpal Singh has had five years of experience training Black cat Commandos at NSG, Manesar, and has training experience with Rajputana Rifles, BSF, and some units of Indian Army and Police.

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