Self Defense Training in Delhi and Gurgaon

Self Defense Training in Delhi and Gurgaon

The world today is certainly not getting safer to live in. The crime rate is increasing at a fast pace. Robberies, molestation, rapes, murders, thefts- you name it and it is all there in our society. And to survive in such a society, one must abreast self with some basic defence moves and techniques which can come handy in the need of the hour. The proverb- ‘Survival of the fittest’ aptly goes in here as well. To survive in this unsafe world, one must have an edge over the others. And this edge comes with learning the martial art forms which not only makes you physically and mentally fit and strong, but also teaches you basic defensive moves which help you come out of any unforeseen situation.

People usually carry this perception that self-defense is meant only for the boys who will learn the techniques and defend their ‘timid’ opposite gender or ‘weaker sections’ i.e. kids and elderly. However, it is high time that people open their mindsets and accept the fact that self-defence is that beautiful form which empowers everyone to take care of themselves and their families against any physical attack if need be. One can learn the basics of this art form at their own pace and following their age, fitness and interest.

Self-defense is for everyone. Kids, men, women and elderly all can learn the essence of this. Martial arts is a great way of learning self-defense. Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing etc all inculcate the virtues of discipline, confidence, skills, fitness, honesty and perseverance which forms the foundation of self-defense.  These art forms make you agile, quick and responsive so that you can take on the world as it comes without any fear of threat or attack.

One may ask why to learn the techniques when we can carry self-defense weapons like pepper spray, knife or licensed gun etc. And to give them the reality check, it is important to realise that emergencies or the attackers do not come to you informed. You may get attacked when you least expect it like when in a washroom, parking lot, cinema hall, lift or even at your home. In such situations, you might not be able to use any of the above-stated self-defense weapons. At those times, even an appointed bodyguard may be of no use. So, it is better to understand the need and necessity and take the ball in your court before it gets too late. Be prepared for the worse, so that you can tackle all the uncalled for situations with panache. And the confidence which you will get post learning the basics of self-defense moves will make you a different person altogether as you will feel secure that you are able enough to protect self and family if need be.

While there are various training centres providing self-defense training in Delhi. Sanshinkan is the foremost name when it comes to self-defence as one gets to learn the basic essence of the self-defense techniques in the most conducive and realistic environment wherein real-life scenarios form the root of teachings. This is in contrast to the made-up and unrealistic setups where the learner doesn’t get exposed to a broader spectrum of situations which can occur in real life. Sanshinkan is the best stop for self-defense training in Gurgaon. Their state of the art centre is equipped with best of the facilities where one can learn the basics of self-defense under the guidance of trained world-class coaches, guides and trainers.

Self-defense Training at Sanshinkan is beyond the only goal of ‘training’. It imparts the overall skills for nourishing and balancing the mind, body and soul so that they work in synchronisation. These trainers not only teaches the correct moves and postures but also how daily life objects can be used as self-defense weapons.  

It is thus, imperative that one engages themselves in self-defense art forms as soon as possible. Self-defense will teach you to defend and protect yourself. It doesn’t teach you to initiate a fight. It is the answer which will help you grab the best score in real life wherein everything is not that hunky-dory as may seem.

Make yourself a priority and jump on the self-defense radar to get hold of self in the best possible manner.




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