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Martial Arts for Children

Martial arts Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Child and yourself Greater academic achievement. Unshakable self respect. Increased strength and fitness in body, mind and soul.

"Martial Arts are less about your child learning to fight others, and more about fighting…himself. His innermost fears. Conquer them, and your child unleashes within himself a powerful, unstoppable force. "

"A force that gives him the strength to kick down the doors of his own self doubts, A force that opens your child to the exalting power of values." We are conducting training programs for the all round development of its participants. And all of it comes while learning how to “kick, block, and punch.” Look at it this way. Your child’s first and biggest challenge comes not from “fighting for his rights on the street,” or “beating up the neighborhood bully.” It comes, instead, from battling more sinister forces. Your child’s own fears and self doubts:

“Martial Arts should be a way of life, not a job, hobby, sport, but a part of you and the way you live your life.”

“I’m not as smart as my friend.”
“I don’t get what my teacher is saying.”
“I wish I was as [strong, pretty, tall] as my friends.”
“Why does he keep giving me a bad time?”
“Why can’t I be as popular as him?”

The question is, how do you get your child to fight these demons? You know the problem. Your child has a tough time even telling you He / she’s haunted by them. Never mind how she / he might conquer them.

Well, the good news is, We have a proven solution. A program that has already worked. A series of lessons your child can learn easier than you think.

In other words, when your child uses the discipline of karate to conquer his fears, he has power to transfer that discipline to all other areas of his life. I know of no other sport that does this better than karate.

Now, you may be asking, how does all this “values” stuff work? And why does karate manage to do a better job teaching it?

Again, more than any other sport, Karate gives your child the chance to explore her innate powers. She’ll marvel (as you will) as she increases in strength, flexibility endurance, balance, and harmony. Yet this is only the start.

In fact, her physical skills act as a foundation for something much more important: the development of her value skills, mental and spiritual. And not cut off from her physical skills, but intimately connected - even bonded-to them. Like this:


Your child finds the courage to move outside of his comfort zone. He wills himself to take on more difficult karate moves and skills. He becomes no longer afraid of being afraid.

As he does so, he learns that whatever he sows, so he reaps. He learns to blame no one, but himself. He suddenly sees his life as a constant, never-ending journey of life-giving improvement.

In short, with a deep breath, he refuses to become a victim of fate. He puts an arm lock on his own destiny.


Your child finds joy in improving her physical stamina. She can walk farther, run longer, practice skills until she gets them right. In turn, she learns not to give up. She sticks things out. With the help of her teachers, she strives harder, longer to reach her goals. Even if she fails she perseveres. She won’t let her self doubts get in the way of finding ultimate solutions.

As the man said, “Where performance is measured, performance improves.” Yet, your child has to first accept where he stands now. That means measuring current strengths. Above all, he learns that to succeed, he can’t fool anyone, especially himself.

This results in a keener focus. He learns to make eye contact with his teacher (and not just in karate.) He pays greater attention to what each teacher says. He knows and accepts where he stands.

Powerful Self Control

She’ll refuse to give in to negative peer pressure. She’ll have deeper respect for rules.

Improved Focus

She’ll learn what’s needed, along with the skill to “zero in” on critical tasks at hand. Normal, yet time-wasting, childhood distractions won’t get in her way.

Fearless Self Confidence

Watch as your child finds the courage to open any door life has to offer.




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