Expats Training

Are you a foreigner travelling to India and looking for a place to train in Delhi-NCR?

Visit Sanshinkan Martial Arts, Gurgaon, we provide the best environment for people from all nationalities to come and train in all field of martial arts.

Are you looking for an awesome place to Train?

If you are looking for an awesome place to train, look no further. Sanshinkan provides the best training facility, world-class coaches and awesome company of fitness enthusiasts and martial artists to train together. Just give us a buzz and train together.

Are you a Trainer?

If you a trainer and visiting Delhi-NCR, Sanshinkan welcomes you to share your knowledge with fellow martial artists and fitness enthusiasts. We also provide complimentary stay for those who need the same.

Sanshinkan has hosted trainers from across the world including Sweden, Israel, Croatia, The USA, Greece, Japan, Canada and several other countries.

We Train In

We train in the fields of Karate, BJJ, Grappling, Yoga, Muay Thai, MMA amongst other fitness regimes.

Join us to share or increase your knowledge in your next visit to India. Sanshinkan Martial Arts welcomes to come and train together with like-minded people in Gurgaon, which is very close to Delhi International Airport.


Just reach us out and we will be there to welcome you.

Yashpal Singh Kalsi, Director Sanshinkan




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