Traditional Weapon Training

A weapon can be any tool or instrument used to effectively defend oneself against a stronger attacker or attacker’s weapon. Weapons are used to increase the efficiency of activities such as hunting, fighting, self-defense, crime-fighting, law enforcement, and war.

The following are a few weapons which we train selected students in:


Okinawan Knuckle Duster. Although the Tekko can be seen throughout Asia in different shapes, sizes and types, a look into its origin in Okinawa tells us that the first Tekko to be used was a horse’s shoe.

Bo\ Kun

Although they may vary in length and shape, the standard Bo or Kun is the straight, six foot long, flexible bamboo stick. A very useful weapon when used for defense against another Bo or Sai. Can be used for blocking, thrusting and stabbing.


In Okinawa, the forerunner of the Nunchaku was the bit used as part of the bridle for a horse. Next came the construction of two hardwood sticks that were securely connected by rope braided from horses’ tails. Today the sticks are connected with rope or chain.


Originally a wooden handle fitted into a hole on the side of a millstone, used by Okinawa’s for milling grain. Oak and cherry wood are today’s most popular materials for making the Tonfa. A very effective weapon used by police forces throughout the world.


The kama is one of two bladed weapons used in Kobudo. The kama has a long, curved, single-edged blade used for mowing or reaping a farmer’s crop. It was fashioned very effectively for self-defense use. It has the capability of killing or maiming quickly and effectively. It is recommended that when training alone with a live-bladed kama you keep the protection covers over both blades.


A shuriken is literally a “sword hidden in the hand”. A traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was generally used for throwing, and sometimes stabbing or slashing; they are sharpened hand-held blades, originally made from a variety of everyday items such as needles, nails, and knives, as well as coins, washers, and other flat plates of metal.
Shuriken are commonly known in the West as “throwing stars” or “ninja stars” though they took many different shapes and designs during the time they were used.




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