Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts in Gurgaon

Mixed martial arts is a mix of two or more martial arts techniques packed seamlessly into a fighting art form. MMA has its foundation based in martial art forms like karate, boxing, kickboxing, judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), taekwondo etc. This is a regulated combat sport which takes place between two fighters with martial arts training.

Though mixed martial arts has got popular lately, in reality, this art form is quite aged. It has its traces in the Greco-Roman era when ancient martial art Penetration was seen first in the Olympic Games. There is a lot of similarity in the techniques and methods of ancient mixed martial arts and martial arts of today. Presently, MMA can be thought of as one of the most regulated sports with strict guidelines and rules.

Mixed martial arts involves both the standing fighting and ground fighting which means striking and grappling are both key elements of MMA.  Many martial artists around the globe consider Bruce Lee as the ‘Father of mixed martial arts’ whose Jeet Kune Do concept revolved around adopting the useful aspects of different martial art forms and rejecting the useless ones. Apart from the fighting, mixed martial arts is also a great workout which helps in building intensity, endurance, speed, strength and power. Mixed martial arts training requires one to give their heart and soul if they wish to seek the best of it. You should master at least one martial art form to taste the true essence of MMA.

MMA is multi-dimensional. While it is a great fighting art form on one side, the other side of it is a great physical, mental and emotional workout which makes you physically fit and inculcates the key moral values which make the learner a better person. It nourishes the learner for their all-round development.

MMA helps in building confidence

Mixed martial arts enhance your confidence as it gives the assurance that you can fight anyone irrespective of their age, gender or size. This relaxes your mind and makes you calmer and freer. MMA teaches you how to use your body for good so that you are well prepared for a physical confrontation if need be.

MMA teaches discipline

Mixed martial arts is an excellent way of bringing discipline into your life. It brings the discipline of eating right, sleeping right and training right so that your outer body is in sync with its inner soul. When started early, MMA inculcates the virtues of good mannerism and give them a better perspective towards life in general. Overall, MMA teaches the discipline of mind and body.

MMA teaches self-defence

MMA or mixed martial arts is as close to reality as it gets, one gets to learn the basics of self-defence. MMA inculcates the best of two or more martial art forms which teaches you the practical way of defending and attacking without initiating a fight. These skills come handy in the need of the hour when any such emergency strikes.

MMA teaches competition

MMA training polishes the sportsmanship attitude in one by bringing forth the winning drive and fighting spirit in the learner. This also gets reflected in other areas of daily life like work and relationships. It ignites the burning desire of getting ahead of the competition and beating the opponent by being within the outlines of regulations of MMA.

MMA is a great physical workout

Mixed martial arts require one to train hardcore. Sparring and grappling sessions are high intensity and no other cardio sessions stans in front of them. MMA helps one to get into their best body shape by reducing weight and keeping them away from dreaded lifestyle diseases.

Sanshinkan offers mixed martial arts training in Gurgaon, Delhi at their state of the art centres which are equipped with best of facilities and trainers who wholeheartedly work towards pushing you to your limits so that you achieve heights in the martial art form you have chosen and fulfil the purpose for which you are learning the art form. It is a one-stop for getting the company of like-minded fighting warriors who share common interests. So, enrol for your MMA training at Sanshinkan today and learn the basics of mixed martial arts from the best.




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